Reward & Brief

A reward of up to $100,000.00 is being offered for additional evidence supporting the following brief of the many violations of the law by the Obama administration, the Democratic Party and other chief culprits, who are Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, former Cleveland US Attorney Steve Dettelbach, and First Assistant to Dettelbach as US Attorney, Carole Rendon.

Suarez Corporation Industries was one of the thousands of corporations across the United States that were unjustly and unlawfully attacked by the Obama Administration for supporting Republican elected officials. This unjust and unlawful attack by the Obama Justice Department started in 2011 and continued for 4 years, resulting in 20 false charges brought against Suarez Corporation Industries and its CEO Benjamin Suarez. This unjust and unlawful attack caused massive financial damage to Suarez Corporation Industries and its 300 suppliers. Over 800 Suarez employees lost their jobs and over 2,000 employees of the 300 suppliers to Suarez lost their jobs. This caused great financial hardship and suffering to over 2,800 workers and their families which totaled over 8,400 people. Suarez Corporation Industries, its affected employees, Suarez’s 300 suppliers and their affected employees have formed The Justice Association, LLC coalition to get restitution and to seek justice. This coalition is offering a $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 reward, depending on the value of the evidence, for additional evidence in this case.

This evidence, when completed, will be presented to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, as the basis for a request for a grand jury investigation. Not all federal government officials are immune from criminal charges brought in federal or state court, and this includes federal prosecutors.

Independent of the petition to Sessions and DeWine, The Justice Association, LLC coalition will soon publicize in all media channels across Ohio, on TV, radio, the internet, newspapers and other media, the information in the following brief plus any other new evidence obtained. This publicity uses the very advanced and effective advertising methods of Suarez Corporation Industries that has previously been very effective against many Democrats, including former 16th US congressional district incumbent John Boccieri. This is so voters know not to re-elect Sherrod Brown as Ohio US Senator and not to elect Steve Dettelbach as Ohio Attorney General. The following information will prove that both men are dishonorable and will use their office to punish political opponents and kill many more Ohio jobs.

The Justice Association, LLC will also file a Civil RICO Lawsuit in order to get restitution for lost income suffered by Suarez Corporation Industries, all of its employees and all of its suppliers who were affected by the Obama administration crimes. In addition, The Justice Association, LLC will serve to organize the tens of thousands and possibly millions of U.S. citizens who were victims of the corrupt Obama administration.


In the years 2011 through 2016, the Obama administration, the Democratic Party and chief operatives Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, former Cleveland US Attorney Steve Dettelbach and his First Assistant Carole Rendon carried out a politically motivated, false and malicious prosecution and committed numerous major violations of the law, rules violations and ethical violations against Suarez Corporation Industries and its founder and CEO Benjamin Suarez.

The false and malicious prosecution against Suarez resulted in the loss of over 800 jobs at Suarez Corporation Industries and the loss of thousands of future jobs. It also greatly damaged over 300 Suarez suppliers, many of which went out of business. Over 2,000 employees of the suppliers lost their jobs. Suarez Corporation Industries at that time had reached peak sales of $420 million sales a year selling its EdenPURE household appliances. It employed nearly 1,000 people. It was one of the first companies to bring manufacturing from China to the USA. The company was growing rapidly and was projected to produce thousands of new jobs, including many manufacturing jobs. This false and malicious prosecution cost the company millions of dollars in legal fees, millions more complying with the investigation, took away all the company’s operating capital, and totally disrupted the company.

In the early 2000s, Benjamin Suarez founded 2 political action committees, the US Citizens Association and Empowered Citizens Network. For a number of years, starting in 2003, these PACs ran hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising against Democrats with great success. Their ads used the advanced and effective advertising methods of Suarez Corporation Industries, which are considered to be the best in the nation. In 2009, the US Citizens Association ran full page ads in the Canton Repository and other area newspapers against then-Democrat Congressman in the 16th District John Boccieri and in favor of challenger Republican Jim Renacci. The first day these ads ran, Jim Renacci received over $700,000 in campaign contributions in one day. He credited these ads for being the reason he was able to defeat the incumbent John Boccieri.

The 16th Congressional District of Ohio is considered the most coveted seat in the US Presidential elections. Benjamin Suarez was informed by several high ranking members of the Ohio Republican Party that the Democrats were livid and Suarez and his company were marked for punishment.

This punishment was carried out in the way of a false and malicious prosecution of Suarez Corporation Industries and Benjamin Suarez because 15 executives of Suarez Corporation Industries and 5 of their spouses made campaign contributions in 2011 to Democrat Sherrod Brown’s opponent, Republican Josh Mandel, and to Republican Congressman Jim Renacci for the 2012 elections. A witch-hunt investigation was started in 2011 and went on for 3 years until the trial in June of 2014. A total of 20 bogus counts were brought against Suarez Corporation Industries and Benjamin Suarez in the fall of 2013. The company and Benjamin Suarez were acquitted of all counts except one minor process count. Suarez was convicted on this minor count due to negligence by his attorneys in failing to present evidence he provided them of his innocence; and because of intimidation and threats by Steve Dettelbach and Carole Rendon against witnesses who then refused to testify on Suarez’s behalf.

There is a provable motive, means and opportunity to commit these violations as well as a long pattern of committing these violations and other criminal behavior by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. Under both federal law and many state laws, it would amount to a crime for a government official to misuse the resources and force of government to punish a political opponent. This was the case in the recent “Bridgegate” scandal where a number of New Jersey government officials received prison sentences. The evidence will show that the false and malicious prosecution of Suarez and his company violated these laws and is further substantiated by the acquittal by a jury of all 19 of the charges of illegal campaign contributions.

There is also the long pattern of crimes committed by members of the Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee which also constitutes RICO violations.

Obama is on record as stating he “rewards his friends and punishes his enemies”. The Obama administration pattern of criminal behavior started with accepting illegal campaign contributions from foreigners using untraceable debit cards in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Obama also accepted illegal contributions from employees of many large corporations.

The Obama administration then committed many crimes in the Fast and Furious gun-running campaign which illegally sold guns to Mexican criminals. A U.S. border patrol officer died because of this.

The Obama administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to supply military protection for the US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, because it would hurt Obama in the 2012 election. The Ambassador and a number of US Special Forces personnel were killed. President Obama and Hillary Clinton then lied to the victims’ families and to the public that the incident was not a terrorist attack but rather an impromptu riot caused by an anti-Islamic video.

The Obama Administration had the IRS attack numerous Republican Political Action Committees and also deny them tax exemptions.

The Obama administration also used the Justice Department and other federal agencies to attack companies who supported the Republican Party. One example of the thousands of attacks is Gibson Guitars Company, which was falsely accused by a Federal agency of using a protected wood. Other guitar manufacturers who used the same wood and donated to Democrats were not targeted.

The Obama administration refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for obvious crimes of recklessly handling classified information and other crimes such as taking donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for benefits from her position as Secretary of State and the Federal government. This included giving 20% of our uranium production to the Russians for a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. This clearly violated the Equal Treatment Under The Law amendment. Recent evidence also shows Barack Obama ordered spying on U.S. citizens for political gains.

Steve Dettelbach was a US Attorney appointee in 2009 and a personal friend of Barack Obama. Sherrod Brown, Steve Dettelbach and Carol Rendon are longtime personal friends. Both Steve Dettelbach and Carol Rendon donated large sums of money personally to Sherrod Brown and were bundlers for him. Sherrod Brown recommended Steve Dettelbach to be US Attorney and swore him in. At a minimum, this is a conflict of interest. Dettelbach and Rendon should have recused themselves from the Suarez case. This is part of the evidence that the prosecution against Suarez was done as punishment to a political opponent who donated to and asked his employees to donate to Sherrod Brown’s opponent.

The investigation was prompted by a Democrat supporting newspaper, The Toledo Blade, which falsely reported that the 20 donations were from paid employees of SCI who could not afford the donations. The 15 executives, because of SCI’s profit sharing, averaged $500,000.00 a year in income. Dettelbach and Rendon knew early on in the investigation that no crime was committed. They knew all 20 donors could more than afford the donations. They knew also that in April 2011, the money that they used for the donations came out of their profit sharing money. Suarez Corporation Industries has shared 50% of its profits with its employees for over 40 years. They knew that there was no way that accounting entries that took out their profit sharing money could have been done retroactively.

Dettelbach and Rendon also knew there was no intent to commit a crime. There was absolutely no attempt to cover up anything. They also knew that less than one percent of the public knew of this law because it is very esoteric. They also knew that the company, after being confronted, contacted their outside attorney, Bill
Williams of Krugliak Wilkins, to find out if it was illegal to reimburse employees for political donations, while knowing they did not do it. Even Bill Williams did not know it was illegal until he researched the law. His conclusion was that it was illegal, but since the company did not know it was illegal, even if they did do it, the company was innocent, because there was no intent. The law states that there is no crime without intent.

Carole Rendon is well known in the legal community in Boston, MA, where she was a prosecutor. She had a reputation for taking everything personal. She is known as being vindictive. She is well known for having major mental problems, in part due to a complex because she is very short in stature. Suarez’s attorneys said that during the trial she would make faces at them whenever she would get a favorable ruling from her good friend Judge Gaughan, which was often. The attorneys also said they had never encountered a prosecutor so unprofessional, malicious and crazy. Yet Dettelbach showed his lack of judgment by hiring “Crazy Carole” as his first assistant.

Rendon was cruel and ruthless throughout the 3-year investigation. She had no evidence. She forced the company to go through hundreds of thousands of documents to look for any evidence, email or memo when none existed. She committed numerous ethical and abuse of process violations. She was on a fishing expedition. She then had Suarez Corporation Industries, Benjamin Suarez CEO and Michael Giorgio indicted on 20 false counts. A grand jury is no protection to citizens from corrupt prosecutors. The saying goes that a corrupt prosecutor can use a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.” Rendon filed 20 counts, which was both excessive and unethical.

Rendon forced the company Accounting Manager Barb Housos, who was dying of cancer and on chemotherapy, to endure a grueling 3-day video deposition weeks before the trial because she feared Housos would die before trial.

The judge in the trial was Patricia Gaughan, a longtime Democrat and Clinton appointee. A Suarez attorney learned that Gaughan was a close personal friend of Rendon. She should have recused herself. She was openly biased in favor of Rendon throughout the trial. After the trial, she made many rulings 100% in favor of Rendon. These rulings were against established law.

In the last week of the trial, Rendon brought in her parents from out of town because she thought she was going to win. Judge Gaughan, at Rendon’s request, had lunch catered in for Rendon and her parents in the judge’s chambers. This was clearly a conflict of interest and also constituted ex parte communication, which is illegal. This is a major breach of ethics for a judge. A judge should not ever have an appearance of impropriety.

Dettelbach and Rendon colluded with attorney Ralph Cascarilla who was representing Suarez’s CFO Mike Giorgio, who was one of the donors and was also indicted. Giorgio was told that Rendon was going to prosecute his wife, who was another one of the donors, if he did not plead guilty and give false testimony that Suarez told him to illegally reimburse the donors. Giorgio ended up doing that against his will. His lies that Suarez committed a crime came apart during the trial as the jury acquitted Suarez. Giorgio was sentenced to 27 months in prison for pleading to a crime he did not commit. He is now suing Ralph Cascarilla for malpractice.

During the trial, Rendon constantly lied to the jury.

Dettelbach and Rendon also knew that companies reimbursing employees for
political donations was a well-known and accepted practice to law enforcement. Most major corporations and law firms do this. Suarez learned upon investigation
how they do it and cover it up. They give employees bonuses. On paper, these bonuses are described for reasons other than political donations. The most common practice is to give a year-end bonus. The employee is then told verbally, “this is for political donations.” Afterwards, the employer verbally tells the employees which politician they want the employee to donate. All of this is done orally to avoid a paper trail.

Suarez’s attorneys found that in the 2012 presidential election both Microsoft and Google employees donated approximately $2.7 million to Barack Obama. These employees were very likely reimbursed by the employers for the donation. The total amount given to Renacci and Mandel by the Suarez Corporation Industries’ executives and their spouses was $200,000. The total given to Barack Obama by Microsoft and Google employees was over $5,400,000. Yet they were never investigated by Obama’s Justice Department. Many other employees of large companies and law firms donated huge sums of money to Obama and other Democrat politicians. They have never been investigated.

Suarez and the company were acquitted on all 19 serious charges for election law violations. This is more evidence that these charges were false. Suarez was convicted on one minor process charge due to gross negligence by his attorneys and Dettelbach and Rendon threatening witnesses.

After the trial, Dettelbach and Rendon were so furious that they lost the 19 serious counts that they offered Suarez’s personal trainer David Dearth a $92,000.00 bribe to lie and commit perjury that Suarez told him that he tampered with the jury. When Dearth refused, they threatened his family. All this is documented in affidavits by Dearth and his wife Julie. These affidavits were verified as truthful by Jeff Jakmides, a top criminal defense attorney and prosecutor for the city of Alliance, Ohio. They also had Suarez Corporation Industries and its star witness Rod Napier’s company audited by the IRS.

Suarez should have got probation. But Dettelbach trumped up the Sentencing Guidelines Score, which should have been 5-to-8, to 15. The judge allowed this outrageous score to a 74-year-old person with no previous criminal offences on a minor charge. Even with a 15 score, Judge Gaughan had wide latitude to sentence probation. Instead, she gave her personal friend, Carole Rendon, a favor to salvage her career because she was damaged and furious that she lost the 19 major counts. She sentenced Suarez to 15 months and killed thousands of jobs.

The instructions to the jury on the one count (Count 8) Suarez was convicted on were very confusing and slanted in favor of the prosecution. They also called for double jeopardy. The instructions were written by Carole Rendon. Suarez’s lead attorney Mark Schamel objected to these jury instructions in a brief before the trial. The judge then held a meeting with all the attorneys in her chambers, without a court reporter, to discuss the jury instructions. Mark Schamel again objected to those jury instructions.

The confusing jury instructions were the basis for an appeal. However the appeal was lost because late in the trial when the judge asked if the jury instructions were okay, Schamel did not object because he felt he had already objected before. This was another example of negligence by Suarez’s lawyers.

After the trial, the jury foreman Andy Ramos told Suarez’s attorney Mark Schamel that they had no choice but to find Suarez guilty on Count 8 because the defense had not presented any rebuttal evidence. But, he said, the evidence was weak and the jury thought Suarez would only get probation since it was a minor charge. He said he pleaded with the judge before the sentencing hearing to give Suarez probation to save the many jobs at SCI. This is because the judge was informed that Suarez brought in over 80% of the company’s sales with his marketing expertise. She was told if he went to prison, the company would suffer severe damage and many people would lose their jobs. Judge Gaughan did not care. She just wanted to do a favor for her personal friend, the prosecutor Rendon.

Suarez should have received probation. But Dettelbach trumped up the Sentencing Guidelines Score, which should have been between levels 5 to 8 (a probation sentence), to level 15. The judge allowed this outrageous score to a 74-year-old person with no previous criminal offences on a minor charge. Even with a level 15 score, Judge Gaughan had wide latitude to sentence Suarez to probation. Instead, she gave her personal friend, Carole Rendon, a favor to salvage her career because she was damaged and furious that she lost the 19 major counts. She sentenced Suarez to 15 months and killed thousands of jobs.

Rendon also put in many outrageous objections to the Presentencing Investigation Score, even though it was already inflated. These objections clearly showed malice and bad faith any good judge could see. Rendon wanted Suarez to get 10 years for a minor violation. It was a ‘smoking gun’ proof of bad faith. But Gaughan did not do the right thing by adjusting the score to an 8 and making the proper sentence of probation.

Gaughan is well known in the Cleveland legal community as incompetent, cruel, giving excessive sentences and not allowing time off for good behavior. Her nickname is “Gone, Gone, Gone.” She enjoys human suffering. Suarez’s lead attorney, Mark Schamel, from the prestigious Womble law firm in Washington, D.C. had a career of over 30 years as a top criminal defense attorney on high profile cases nationwide. Schamel told Suarez that Gaughan was the most incompetent judge he ever encountered in his entire career.

Suarez filed a motion in the summer of 2015 to overturn the conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel. Suarez was convicted because he sent a memo to Accounting Manager Barb Housos warning her about her attorney and what her attorney was telling her. Housos was one of the 15 executive donors. The company hired a separate attorney for these donors, Don Scherzer. It was learned that Scherzer was telling the donors to admit to a crime they did not commit in order to sabotage the case so it would go to trial and he would make much more money. He told them not to worry about admitting to a crime because they had immunity. In a meeting which included Suarez, his company’s in-house attorney Mike Puterbaugh and four outside attorneys, Suarez was informed of the Scherzer problem. One of the outside attorneys, Don Santarelli, told Suarez that Scherzer was committing many unethical acts and was giving his clients false information. Santarelli said that the donors only had partial immunity and could still be prosecuted for admitting to a crime they did not commit. All of the other donors had already testified before the grand jury except Barb Housos. The decision was made by the outside attorneys to fire Scherzer as Housos’ attorney and get her a new lawyer.

Suarez was personal friends with Housos. He sent her a memo telling her not to admit to any crime because she did not have immunity as he was informed by Attorney Santarelli. He also told her not to let her attorney talk her into admitting to a crime and not to talk to him period. This was because she was going to get a new
attorney. However, none of this evidence was presented to the jury. Therefore the jury wrongly assumed that Suarez was guilty of witness tampering.

During the trial, Santarelli was never called as a witness as Suarez demanded. Suarez’s attorneys said he was reluctant to testify. But, Suarez talked to Santarelli after the trial. Santarelli told Suarez that no one from Suarez’s legal team ever talked to him. And Puterbaugh, who did testify, lied that he could not remember the incident. It has since been learned that Santarelli and Puterbaugh and other witnesses were intimidated and threatened by Rendon and Dettelbach.

In the summer of 2015, Puterbaugh was asked about the incident by Suarez’s attorneys Jim Feldman and Craig Conley, who were handling the Motion for Ineffective Counsel. Puterbaugh said he definitely remembered the meeting where Santarelli told Suarez that the donors did not have immunity, that Scherzer was a bad attorney and Barb Houses would be getting a new attorney. He told Feldman he would sign an affidavit to that effect. Then, a few weeks later, he refused. He was obviously threatened and intimidated by Dettelbach and Rendon.

Feldman carried through with the motion and included with his brief an affidavit that Puterbaugh told him of the incident. However, the judge refused to grant an evidentiary hearing where Puterbaugh could be questioned under oath.

The attorneys for the company from the McCarthy, Lebit law firm in Cleveland told Suarez that Rendon was telling them and many others in the legal community how excited she was about the trial. It would be a big media event. She and Dettelbach would take down the famous business superstar and Republican. This would launch their post-prosecutorial careers in private law practice and politics.

Suarez’s attorneys told him the trial should only have lasted one week. Rendon deliberately stretched it out to 4 weeks to get maximum media coverage. She
called multiple witnesses to testify to moot points that Suarez attorneys agreed to do by stipulation.

This excessive trial time for self-serving purposes cost taxpayers millions of dollars. It cost jury members great economic hardship and stress. Many jurors constantly complained to the judge that they were losing income due to being on jury duty for
that excessive period.

Most prosecutors and judges are good. But there is now an epidemic of rogue federal prosecutors that are putting tens of thousands of innocent people in prison
to advance their careers. The Suarez case is only one example. The epidemic has been documented in a recent book, “Licensed to Lie,” by Sidney Powell. Because of this epidemic, it is estimated over 30% of people in prison are innocent. The U.S. now has the biggest prison population per capita in the world.

There is also a great excess of unnecessary criminal laws in the U.S., most of which are unknown to the average citizen. The book “Three Felonies A Day,” by Harvey
Silverglate proves all people in the U.S. unknowingly commit crimes on a regular basis and can be easy victims of these rogue prosecutors. We need prosecutors who are “reluctant sheriffs” not “eager beavers.”

Suarez wanted to testify in the trial. But, his attorneys strongly advised him not to because the trial was already too long. They said Rendon would take another week
to cross examine Suarez.. Two jurors had already left due to financial hardship. Since no more standby jurors were left, there would be a mistrial. Also, his lawyers
said it would infuriate the jury. So Suarez reluctantly agreed.

The Obama administration’s tactics are the same as the tactics that have been used against political opponents by such tyrants as the Castro brothers of Cuba and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. The Obama administration engaged in high organized crime. This and his policies caused the loss of millions of jobs around the country and the bankruptcies of thousands of companies. Suarez and his company was only one of thousands of victims.

Recently, more evidence of Obama administration corruption has been proven. This includes illegally spying on U.S. citizens for political gain. This, plus using Federal agencies to punish political opponents has created a pool of tens of thousands of victims. The Justice Association, LLC will organize these victims to file a massive class action RICO lawsuit.

These High Crimes and RICO violations by the Obama administration must not go unpunished. This would create a slippery slope that would cause our country to go from a free democracy to a tyranny. These people think they are above the law. They think they and people like Hillary Clinton, are too big to be prosecuted. They think large companies such as Microsoft and Google are also too big to be prosecuted and are above the law. It is important that these people are brought to justice now.

Congress needs to pass laws that hold bad prosecutors and judges accountable. There needs to be grand jury reform to protect citizens from corrupt prosecutors. There also needs to be a purge of rogue federal prosecutors and rogue federal judges involved in the misconduct of putting innocent people in prison to advance their careers. There also needs to be a purge of excessive and unnecessary criminal laws. This will be presented to Congress by The Justice Association, LLC. It will push for the Citizens Injustice Protection Act (CIPA).

The Justice Association, LLC coalition will also submit documentation of Judge Gaughan’s conduct to the Ohio Bar Association and the US Senate Judiciary
Committee, and motion for her impeachment to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If you have evidence of the above, you can get up to $100,000.00 in reward. To initiate this, submit an initial response in an email to the following email address: Please review the Civil RICO Lawsuit And Criminal Referral on the website for more legal details.