NEWS RELEASE 3/4/2019:

Criminal charges filed against Sherrod Brown, Steve Dettelbach and Carole Rendon Benjamin Suarez has filed criminal charges in Stark County State Court against Ohio US Senator Sherrod Brown; former Cleveland US Attorney Steve Dettelbach; former Assistant US Attorney to Steve Dettelbach, Carol Rendon; and two FBI agents who were under the supervision of Dettelbach and Rendon, Mark McMurtry and Mike Sirohman.

The Criminal Charging Affidavit provides evidence that the FBI agents engaged in witness intimidation by offering Suarez’s personal trainer David Dearth a $92,000 bribe to provide false testimony that Suarez tampered with the jury in the July 2014 trial where Suarez and his company were acquitted of all 19 charges of election law violations. They also threatened to harm Dearth’s family and terrorized his wife and children in a confrontation in a supermarket parking lot. This confrontation was so traumatic that Dearth’s children were crying and wetting their pants.

The Criminal Charging Affidavit also provides evidence that Suarez’s former company attorney Mike Puterbaugh was intimidated by Dettelbach, Rendon and the FBI agents to commit perjury when he testified at the trail in July of 2014 concerning the charge against Suarez of witness tampering. Puterbaugh had exculpatory evidence proving that Suarez did not engage in witness tampering. He was intimidated into lying that he did not remember the incident concerning the exculpatory evidence. Then in August 2015, one of Suarez’s attorneys Craig Conley encountered Puterbaugh on a sidewalk in downtown Canton. Conley confronted Puterbaugh on his recollection of the exculpatory evidence incident. Puterbaugh said he definitely remembered the incident and would sign an affidavit providing new evidence that would get a new trial for Suarez. Puterbaugh also admitted this to another Suarez attorney, James Feldman, who was drafting a motion for a new trial for Suarez. Then Puterbaugh was again obviously intimidated by the same suspects and refused to sign the affidavit after promising to do so.

The Obama Administration has a long history of corruption which includes a pattern of using Soviet-style tactics of having law enforcement punish political opponents. Suarez was one of many Republican donor victims of these tactics. President Donald Trump was also a victim as evidenced by the recent exposure of the Russian collusion hoax carried out by former Obama Justice Department officials.

The Criminal Charging affidavit and the supporting evidence affidavits are attached. Suarez’s personal trainer also filed criminal charges against Mark McMurtry and Mike Sirohman in November, 2018. Sherrod Brown also ran false and libelous ads in 2018 that damaged Suarez. Suarez filed a libel lawsuit against Brown in Stark County State Court on October 11, 2018, which is now in litigation.

This malicious prosecution and wrongful conviction of Mr. Suarez caused the loss of over 3,000 jobs in Stark County. The Justice Association has sent this Criminal Charging Affidavit to US Attorney General Bill Barr, Cleveland US Attorney Justin Herdman and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, and we have demanded a Grand Jury investigation.



Ohio US Senator Sherrod Brown is obviously very concerned about the libel suit filed against him by Benjamin Suarez for running a blatantly false and misleading political ad defaming Suarez in August, 2018. Brown and The Friends Of Sherrod Brown have hired the unethical, Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Perkins Coie to defend them in the case. This is evidence that Brown is part of the organized government corruption ring of the Clintons, Barack Obama and other notorious Democrats.

Suarez has hired a large group of top attorneys from the Finney Law Firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a group of top constitutional law and criminal law attorneys from Boston, MA, who will be consultants.

Perkins Coie is the law firm used by Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to cover up the money that Clinton paid to Christopher Steele to produce the false dossier on President Donald Trump. The false dossier was used to defraud the FISA court and allow the Obama Administration to spy on Trump and his campaign team. This hoax was carried out in an effort to cover up the numerous crimes committed by Hillary Clinton which included gross negligence in handling classified information and a treasonous act of providing the Russians with 20% of United States uranium in a quid pro quo deal which brought her $165 million.

Brown also colluded with his close personal friends and major donors who are former US Attorney Steve Dettelbach and his then First Assistant Carole Rendon. Dettelbach and Rendon filed 19 false election law violation charges against Benjamin Suarez and his company Suarez Corporation Industries. This was done as punishment for Suarez’s political ads which defeated Democrat incumbent John Boccieri in the 2010 election and elected “dark horse” Jim Renacci. Boccieri held the US House Ohio 16th District seat, which is the most coveted US House seat in the nation. Also Suarez was being punished because he and his employees donated to Brown’s 2012 Republican opponent Josh Mandel. Suarez and his company were found innocent of all 19 election law violation charges. However, the 4-year investigation and trial cost enormous disruption and legal fees that led to the loss of 3,000 Ohio jobs.

The employees and suppliers who lost their jobs and businesses formed The Justice Association to get justice and restitution. On November 1st, 2018 The Justice Association presented evidence of the many unlawful acts committed by Brown, Dettelbach and Rendon to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. On advice of the Ohio Attorney General’s top prosecutors, The Justice Association filed criminal charges in Stark County State Court against 2 FBI agents who were under the supervisor of Dettelbach and Rendon. (Attached.) The 2 FBI agents offered Suarez’s personal trainer a $92,000 bribe in order to give false testimony that Suarez tampered with the jury in order to get the 19 acquittals. This constitutes the crime of suborning perjury.

Brown’s blatantly false and misleading ad which was run all over Ohio for a number of weeks in August of 2018 reads as follows: “A crooked businessman looking for help. A congressman looking for donations. Jim Renacci used his office to try to get a lawsuit dropped against Ben Suarez. Days later, Suarez sent Renacci $100,000. Renacci claimed they didn’t have a close relationship. But court records now show the two exchanged more than 40 calls surrounding the donations.”

Brown’s ad was deliberately constructed to create the false perception that Suarez donated $100,000 to Jim Renacci in a quid pro quo deal where Renacci would send a letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich to intervene in a lawsuit. This would constitute a major crime. It was also done with malice as proven by Brown’s preceding actions against Suarez.

Such a thing did not happen. Suarez and his employees contacted all of their Federal Government representatives, including Jim Renacci, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, to introduce a law to nullify California’s unconstitutional consumer law which was harming nearly every major company across the nation. This request came in late 2010. Suarez had already made maximum donations to Renacci in 2010. Renacci refused the request saying that the law would not likely pass. He then, on his own, passed the buck by sending a letter to Kasich and asking him to help with the unconstitutional California law. The $100,000 in donations referenced in the ad was not made by Suarez. They were made in April, 2011, by Suarez Corporation Industries’ executives after Renacci refused to introduce a law nullifying California’s unconstitutional law. The executives made the donations because Renacci said he would work to repeal Obamacare which was causing enormous operational costs which was cutting into the executives’ profit sharing.

All of this was presented at Suarez’s trial in June of 2014. Brown knew this because he had detailed knowledge of the trial as proven by his knowledge of the phone calls referred to in his ad, which also came out in the trial.

The phone calls in the ad were actually provided by Suarez to Dettelbach and Rendon in a proffer in November of 2013, which supplied evidence that it was Josh Mandel who actually did commit many crimes and who instigated the scheme which prompted the 19 false election law charges against Suarez and his company. Instead, Dettelbach and Rendon refused to prosecute the real crimes of Mandel and instead falsely prosecuted Suarez and his company who they knew at that point were totally innocent. This is all documented in an affidavit by Benjamin Suarez that will be used to file criminal charges against Brown Dettelbach and Rendon in Stark County State Court. (Attached.)

Brown’s false and misleading ad caused serious damage to Suarez Corporation Industries with regard to emerging from bankruptcy and restoring the lost 3,000 jobs. Before the ads ran in August, Suarez Corporation Industries was on schedule to exit bankruptcy in November of 2018. After the false and misleading ads ran, exit financing, credit card processing and deals with major suppliers were delayed and this delayed the exiting of bankruptcy. Suarez Corporation Industries is now scheduled to exit bankruptcy in February of 2019. This caused major financial losses.

Sherrod Brown is now planning to run for President of the United States against Donald Trump. He is not as portrayed by his handlers a nice guy and a moderate Democrat who works in the interests of working class people and minorities. Sherrod Brown has a violent temper and is a wife abuser as court cases show. He is also a radical Socialist who serves global elitists. This is proven by the fact that over 90% of his donors are rich, white elitists from outside the state of Ohio. His policies would turn the USA into Venezuela with mass poverty and shortages of critical services. History shows that Sherrod Brown is not a job creator but rather a job killer.

The Justice Association played a big part in defeating Steve Dettelbach in his 2018 run for Ohio Attorney General. The Justice Association campaign against Brown in his 2018 third run for re-election cut his usual winning margin from 10% to 5%. He is no longer regarded as a big vote getter. The Justice Association will work to prevent Brown from ever becoming president of the United States.


Benjamin Suarez has filed a libel and slander suit against Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and The Friends Of Sherrod Brown Political Action Committee in Stark County State Court.  Suarez has retained one of the best trial attorneys in the nation to prosecute the case, Mark Shuman out of Boston, MA. Boston has the best attorneys in the nation because of the resource ofthe Harvard Law School.

The lawsuit is a response to the blatantly false and misleading political television ad run by the defendants which falsely portrays Suarez and his company as bribing an elected official to intervene in a lawsuit brought by the State of California, and suggests that the company does not operate legitimately. The ad reads as follows.

“A crooked businessman looking for help. A congressman looking for donations. Jim Renacci used his office to try to get a lawsuit dropped against Ben Suarez. Days later, Suarez sent Renacci $100,000. Renacci claimed they didn’t have a close relationship. But court records now show the two exchanged more than 40 calls surrounding the donations.”

This ad misrepresents events that took place in the spring of 2011 and misleadingly makes it look like they took place recently. The following facts prove that this television ad is false and misleading:

  1. The lawsuit in the ad refers to a false lawsuit filed against Suarez’s company, Suarez Corporation Industries, in 2010. A group of 12 corrupt Democrat California District Attorneys have run an extortion scam across the nation against thousands of companies for many years. California has an unconstitutional consumer law that provides that anyone – private citizen or government official – can make a false charge against a business and not have to prove anything. The companies are then left to settle for millions of dollars or risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in California’s biased courts. Most settle. These corrupt District Attorneys then channel these millions of dollars in settlement money to their relatives who have contracts with the state of California. In this extortion scam, in addition to Suarez Corporation Industries, California has sued nearly all major companies in the U.S., including Albertson’s, Home Depot, Office Depot, Walmart, Jiffy Lube, Kmart, General Nutrition, U-Haul, Office Max, Ford Motor Company, Safeway, Pacific Gas and Electric, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Kroger, just to name a few. California has falsely sued many Ohio companies, killing many Ohio jobs.
  2. In 2010 and 2011, Benjamin Suarez and his company Suarez Corporation Industries and its employees were asking all of their elected representatives, local, state and federal, including Sherrod Brown, for help with the California extortion scam. Many of these elected officials actually wrote letters to California elected officials asking them to cease and desist their illegal activities. Sherrod Brown would not even talk to Suarez or his employees. He didn’t care about Ohioans losing their jobs. Over 90% of his donors are out-of-state special interests.
  3. In 2010, Suarez and his employees asked Congressman Renacci and Ohio Senator Rob Portman to submit a bill to Congress that would nullify California’s unconstitutional law that was harming Ohio businesses and businesses across the nation. In early 2011, Renacci declined because he said that the law would not likely pass. He simply then referred the matter to Governor John Kasich. This was in the trial transcripts, which Brown knew.
  4. Benjamin Suarez and his wife Nancy donated $5,000 each to Jim Renacci in 2010, not $100,000 in 2011 when the 40 phone calls took place. Only Suarez employees donated a total of $90,000 to Renacci in early 2011 when the 40 phone calls were made, mainly because Renacci said he would vote to repeal Obamacare which was greatly damaging businesses across the nation.
  5. The phone calls in question with Renacci mainly concerned Obamacare. Such phone calls concerning Obamacare were also made to Ohio Senator Rob Portman and to Josh Mandel who was running against Brown in 2012.
  6. Sherrod Brown was instrumental in having his close personal friend, then-US Attorney Steve Dettelbach, file 19 false charges against Suarez and his company for violation of election laws. This was because Suarez and his employees donated to Brown’s opponent in the 2012 election, Josh Mandel. It is unlawful for an elected official to use government power to punish a political opponent. Suarez and his company were found innocent of all 19 charges. Suarez was convicted of one minor false process charge due to gross negligence by his attorneys and the threatening of Suarez’s witnesses by Steve Dettelbach. Suarez is soon taking legal action to overturn this wrongful conviction and is taking serious legal action against Brown and Dettelbach for their unlawful acts.
  7. Suarez Corporation Industries has never been found guilty of any type of criminal charge in its 48-year history. Dettelbach had the FBI heavily investigate all aspects of the company for 3 years to find wrongdoing, but could find nothing. Suarez Corporation Industries, contrary to myths propagated by Democrats, is probably the cleanest run major company in the United States. Suarez Corporation Industries produces the highest quality products in the consumer industry which provide their customers with many major benefits. This is proven by the fact that the Suarez rate of products returned because of customer dissatisfaction is less than half the rate in the consumer industry.
  8. Suarez has never had a personal relationship with Renacci. The only relation was as his elected representative. Suarez has helped all Republican elected officials for over 40 years. Suarez has not talked to or communicated with Renacci since 2011.

Summary: Suarez is not a “Crooked Businessman”. Suarez’s company is far above average in customer satisfaction and ethics. Suarez did not send Renacci $100,000 to get a lawsuit dropped. Suarez and his employees contacted all their elected representatives about California’s extortion scam, including Sherrod Brown. The 40 calls in 2011 were about Suarez’s employees’ concerns over Obamacare and the same calls were made to other elected officials. Suarez does not have a personal relationship with Renacci. The ad is blatantly false, misleading and done with malice.

Sherrod Brown knew all of the above because he monitored the trial where Suarez and his company were found innocent.

As usual, Sherrod Brown, like all Democrats, falsely accuses people of things they are actually guilty of doing themselves. The Justice Association investigation has found that many large law firm employees have made major donations to Sherrod Brown they could not likely afford and therefore were likely reimbursed by the law firm, which is illegal. This will be reported to the Federal Elections Commission and the Northern Ohio US Attorney’s office. It was also found that out of the top 148 largest donors to Sherrod Brown, only 16 were from Ohio. This means that over 90 percent of Brown’s biggest donors are from out of state. It was also found that these largest donors were virtually all rich, white people. Politicians cater to their donors. That means that Sherrod Brown is not going to be working in the interests of Ohio citizens, middle class and poor citizens, or minorities.

Brown and Dettelbach committed many unlawful acts in the false prosecution of Suarez and his company, which killed thousands of jobs in Ohio. Suarez, his employees and suppliers who were greatly damaged have formed The Justice Association to get justice and restitution. To see Brown and Dettelbach exposed as dishonorable and a job killer team, log on to the Much more legal action is coming against Brown and Dettelbach from The Justice Association.

Sherrod Brown’s handlers falsely portray him as a nice guy who is honorable and works in the interests of Ohioans, the little guy and minorities. The real Sherrod Brown is mean-spirited, has a violent temper, and is a wife abuser as court records show. Brown works for big special interests, which are his major donors from outside the state of Ohio. Brown is not honorable. Brown is a liar, a phony and corrupt. Brown is a power-hungry Socialist. His policies would turn the USA into Venezuela.

Ohio voters need to know that voting for Sherrod Brown would cause Brown and his donors to get richer by making Ohioans poorer.

Steven Dettelbach – Conflict of Interest

On May 31, 2017 The State of Ohio filed a lawsuit against a number of Opioid Pharmaceutical Companies in Ross County Court of Common Pleas (Case No. 17CI000261). The defendants are Actavis, Allergan, Cephalon, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Solutions, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, The Perdue Frederick Co., Perdue Pharma, Teva Pharmaceutical, and Watson Laboratories. They are represented by the law firms that have contributed to Dettlebach:

Law Firm Pharma Co. Represented Amount
Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer Endo Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Services $6,050.00
Baker Hostetler Endo Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Services $106,400.00
Calfee Halter & Griswold Actavis, Cephalon, Teva Pharmaceutical, Watson Laboratories $10,250.00
Dechert LLP, Attorney Perdue Pharma, The Perdue Frederick Co. $1,750.00
Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius Cephalon, Teva Pharmaceutical, Waston Laboratories $5,000.00
O’Melveny & Myers Johnson & Johnson, Janssen $1,900.00
Thompson Hine Allergan $10,700.00
Tucker Ellis Johnson & Johnson, Janssen $8,450.00
Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease Purdue Pharma, The Perdue Frederick Co. $2,600.00
Total $153,100.00

From June 2016 until June 2018, employees at these firms have contributed $153,100.00 Dettlebach’s campaign for the attorney general. Furthermore, Dettlebach’s own firm, Baker Hostetler, who represents Endo Pharmaceutical, has contributed $106,400.00 over that same time period. Carole Rendon represents Endo in the lawsuit. Rendon serving as the lead attorney in the case, with a long history of working with Dettlebach, and also contributing to his campaign would raise the question of a conflict. She was worked with Dettlebach at the US Attorney’s office and followed him to Baker Hostetler. She and her husband, Michael Rendon have both contributed to Dettlebach.

Carol Rendon (represents Endo) -Dettlebach’s first assistant U.S. Attorney -Succeeded Dettlebach as U.S. Attorney -Recruited by Dettlebach to join Baker Hostetler - Contributions to Dettlebach: 7/14/2017: $500 (Husband, Michael Rendon) 7/21/2017: $1,000

Dettlebach has maintained that there is no conflict of interest because they have a legal and financial firewall in place. While his campaign has barred contributions from opioid companies he has received over $150,000.00 from their legal representatives. Every single law firm representing the defendants has given money to Dettlebach.

Law Firms Representing Drug Companies

Law firm Lawyer Contributions

A criminal referral or crime report will be submitted to the United States Attorney Justin Herdman in Cleveland, OH requesting that this be investigated.


This email has been sent to millions of people across the nation, including the news media, government officials, businesses, citizens groups and U.S. citizens.

The following information will provide smoking gun evidence of the many violations of the law by the Obama administration, the Democratic Party and other chief culprits, who are Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, former Cleveland US Attorney Steve Dettelbach, and First Assistant to Dettelbach as US Attorney, Carole Rendon.

Suarez Corporation Industries was one of the thousands of corporations across the United States that were unjustly and unlawfully attacked by the Obama Administration for supporting Republican elected officials. This unjust and unlawful attack by the Obama Justice Department started in 2011 and continued for 4 years, resulting in 20 false charges brought against Suarez Corporation Industries and its CEO Benjamin Suarez. Suarez and his company were found not guilty on all of the charges except one minor process charge, which was due to negligence by Suarez’s attorneys. But this unjust and unlawful attack caused massive financial damage to Suarez Corporation Industries and its 300 suppliers. Over 800 Suarez employees lost their jobs and over 2,000 employees of the 300 suppliers to Suarez lost their jobs. This caused great financial hardship and suffering to over 2,800 workers and their families which totaled over 8,400 people. Suarez Corporation Industries, its affected employees, Suarez’s 300 suppliers and their affected employees have formed The Justice Association, LLC coalition to get restitution and to seek justice. This coalition continues to offer a $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 reward, depending on the value of the evidence, for additional evidence in this case.

We have received good additional information from this reward request. The enclosed Civil RICO Lawsuit Basis And Criminal Referral will provide you with the evidence that we have to date. We are seeking any additional evidence to add to this lawsuit and criminal referral.

This evidence, when completed, will be presented to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Cleveland U.S. Attorney’s office, and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, as the basis for a request for a grand jury investigation. Not all federal government officials are immune from criminal charges brought in federal or state court, and this includes federal prosecutors.

Independent of the petition to Sessions and DeWine, The Justice Association, LLC coalition will soon publicize in all media channels across Ohio, on TV, radio, the internet, newspapers and other media, the information in the attached Civil RICO Lawsuit Basis and Criminal Referral plus any other new evidence obtained. This publicity uses the very advanced and effective advertising methods of Suarez Corporation Industries that has previously been very effective against many Democrats, including former 16th US congressional district incumbent John Boccieri. This is so voters will know not to re-elect Sherrod Brown as Ohio US Senator and not to elect Steve Dettelbach as Ohio Attorney General. The following information will prove that both men are dishonorable and will use their office to punish political opponents and kill many more Ohio jobs.

The Justice Association, LLC will also file a Civil RICO Lawsuit in order to get restitution for lost income suffered by Suarez Corporation Industries, all of its employees and all of its suppliers who were affected by the Obama administration crimes. In addition, The Justice Association, LLC will serve to organize the tens of thousands and possibly millions of U.S. citizens who were victims of the corrupt Obama administration.

Also enclosed is actual documentation of some of the most disturbing evidence of major crimes by two FBI agents as likely directed by then U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach and his then first assistant, Carole Rendon, and other Obama Administration officials. Attached are two affidavits from David Dearth and his wife Julie Dearth. David was Benjamin Suarez’s personal trainer. These affidavits were validated by one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Stark County, Jeff Jakmides. In addition to serving as an assistant prosecutor for Stark County, Ohio, Jakmides has twice run for the position of Stark County prosecutor, nearly winning the last time. He has built his legal reputation on handling tough criminal cases, while at the same time conducting the outcomes of hundreds of family court disputes. He is very experienced. Suarez hired Jakmides to be sure that the Dearths were telling the truth on their affidavits. Jakmides took the Dearths to the Fisher Foods supermarket in Jackson Township, Ohio, the scene of the crime, and put them through a rigorous questioning, examination and other testing that experienced lawyers do to validate affidavits. After this validation testing, Jakmides told Suarez his professional conclusion: “It is my opinion that it is 100 percent that the Dearths are telling the truth.”

You will see in these affidavits that two FBI agents Mark McMurtry and Mike Sirohman, who were instrumental in the filing of the 20 false charges against Suarez, offered David Dearth a $92,000 bribe in the form of a job offer to lie and falsely state that Suarez confessed to him that he had tampered with the jury to get the 19 not guilty verdicts. These acts of skullduggery constitute the major crime of suborning perjury and abuse of power.

McMurtry and Sirohman also threatened to harm Dearth’s family if he didn’t agree to commit perjury with their plan to falsely accuse Suarez. They then intimidated and terrorized his wife Julie Dearth and their two young sons, to the point where the children were screaming and one of them wet his pants. Dearth afterwards was continually harassed after he refused to commit perjury. These were police state tactics by the Obama administration justice department.

It has been thought that the corruption of the FBI under the Obama administration only took place at the highest executive level and that the rank and file FBI had not been corrupted. This appears to be not true in this case. The Justice Association employs two ex-FBI agents as private investigators. They have been out of the Bureau for a number of years. They have both said that they had never witnessed anything like this when they were FBI agents. They said they still know a number of current FBI agents who are very outraged over the current corruption that was discovered in the FBI top levels. They said that this act of subornation of perjury and intimidation by these two agents is likely an isolated or very rare case.

We do not know the extent of how the Obama administration corrupted other rank-and-file FBI agents. It is with heavy hearts that we must publicize this. The Justice Association members and especially Benjamin Suarez have always supported law enforcement. Mr. Suarez has donated money to law enforcement charities and to local police departments for such things as police dog programs. We believe that, without honorable law enforcement, we no longer have a civil society.

Therefore, it is imperative that the new Trump Department of Justice acts on this immediately. Attorneys employed by the Justice Association say that, as typically, prosecutors should indict McMurtry and Sirohman and then offer them leniency to cooperate against Steve Dettelbach and Carole Rendon and whoever else urged them to carry our this horrendous crime. As the book “Three Felonies A Day” by Harvey Silverglate shows, all of us commit three felonies a day. That means that all U.S. citizens are vulnerable to this corruption. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, this is disastrous to our society.

It is also important to note this: a few weeks ago we challenged Brown and Dettelbach that every word on our website, which includes all the information in this email, was true and we would engage them in a public debate. They refused. Therefore, you can be sure every word in this email is true.

Also, we have compiled the list of all the donors to Senator Sherrod Brown and Ohio Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach. We have listed those donors ranked in order from the highest to lowest amounts donated. We will soon publicize that this list is on our website so voters can see who is supporting and enabling these candidates when evidence shows they do not work in the public interest. We have found that of the top 148 largest donors to Sherrod Brown, only 16 are from the State of Ohio. That means that 90 percent of Sherrod Brown’s donors come from out of state. We have also found that they are virtually all rich, white people. Therefore, we believe that Sherrod Brown is not going to be working in the interest of Ohio citizens, working people or minorities like the Blacks and Hispanics or other people who are not rich. Over 60% of Dettelbach’s top donors are from out of state.

We are also continually revising our website. The latest revision includes video testimony from some of the many victims of this abomination of justice. These videos will be presented to the U.S. Congress and will be used in television and radio political ads. More will be coming.

A Brief History of this Abomination of Justice

In the early 2000s, Benjamin Suarez founded 2 political action committees, the US Citizens Association and Empowered Citizens Network. For a number of years, starting in 2003, these PACs ran hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising against Democrats with great success. Their ads used the advanced and effective advertising methods of Suarez Corporation Industries, which are considered to be the best in the nation. In 2009, the US Citizens Association ran full page ads in the Canton Repository and other area newspapers against then-Democrat Congressman in the 16th District John Boccieri and in favor of challenger Republican Jim Renacci. The first day these ads ran, Jim Renacci received over $700,000 in campaign contributions in one day. He credited these ads for being the reason he was able to defeat the incumbent John Boccieri.

The 16th Congressional District of Ohio is considered the most coveted seat in the US Presidential elections. Benjamin Suarez was informed by several high ranking members of the Ohio Republican Party that the Democrats were livid and Suarez and his company were marked for punishment. The Obama Administration and Democrat government officials carried out this punishment using the DOJ and committed many unlawful acts.

There is a provable motive, means and opportunity to commit these violations as well as a long pattern of committing these violations and other criminal behavior by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. Under both federal law and many state laws, it would amount to a crime for a government official to misuse the resources and force of government to punish a political opponent. This was the case in the recent “Bridgegate” scandal where a number of New Jersey government officials received prison sentences. The evidence will show that the false and malicious prosecution of Suarez and his company violated these laws and is further substantiated by the acquittal by a jury of all 19 of the charges of illegal campaign contributions.

There is also the long pattern of crimes committed by members of the Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee which also constitutes RICO violations.

Obama is on record as stating he “rewards his friends and punishes his enemies”. The Obama administration pattern of criminal behavior started with accepting illegal campaign contributions from foreigners using untraceable debit cards in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Obama also accepted illegal contributions from employees of many large corporations.

Obama then committed many other unlawful acts, including The Fast and Furious incident, the Benghazi incident, the IRS scandal, the Gibson guitars scandal, not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for obvious crimes, and many more.

Steve Dettelbach was a US Attorney appointee in 2009 and a personal friend of Barack Obama. Sherrod Brown, Steve Dettelbach and Carol Rendon are longtime personal friends. Both Steve Dettelbach and Carol Rendon donated large sums of money personally to Sherrod Brown and were bundlers for him. Sherrod Brown recommended Steve Dettelbach to be US Attorney and swore him in. At a minimum, this is a conflict of interest. Dettelbach and Rendon should have recused themselves from the Suarez case. This is part of the evidence that the prosecution against Suarez was done as punishment to a political opponent who donated to and asked his employees to donate to Sherrod Brown’s opponent.

The judge in the trial was Patricia Gaughan, a longtime Democrat and Clinton appointee. A Suarez attorney learned that Gaughan was a close personal friend of Rendon. She should have recused herself. She was openly biased in favor of Rendon throughout the trial. After the trial, she made many rulings 100% in favor of Rendon. These rulings were against established law.

In the last week of the trial, Rendon brought in her parents from out of town because she thought she was going to win. Judge Gaughan, at Rendon’s request, had lunch catered in for Rendon and her parents in the judge’s chambers. This was clearly a conflict of interest and also constituted ex parte communication, which is illegal. This is a major breach of ethics for a judge. A judge should not ever have an appearance of impropriety.

Dettelbach and Rendon knew early on that there was absolutely no intent by Benjamin Suarez or Suarez Corporation Industries to commit a crime. They also knew that the donors averaged over $500,000 a year in income and could well afford the donations. They also knew that the money for their donations came out of the donors’ profit sharing, which was taken out at the time in the accounting system in such a way as could not be altered retroactively.

Since they didn’t have any evidence, they went on a three-year witch hunt and still found no evidence. Yet they proceeded with 20 false charges and a 4-week trial that cost taxpayers millions of dollars in order to punish a political opponent. Dettelbach and Rendon also knew that companies reimbursing employees for political donations was a well-known and accepted practice to law enforcement. Most major corporations and law firms do this. Suarez learned upon investigation how they do it and cover it up. They give employees bonuses. On paper, these bonuses are described for reasons other than political donations. The most common practice is to give a year-end bonus. The employee is then told verbally, “this is for political donations.” Afterwards, the employer verbally tells the employees which politician they want the employee to donate. All of this is done orally to avoid a paper trail.

Suarez’s attorneys found that in the 2012 presidential election both Microsoft and Google employees donated approximately $2.7 million to Barack Obama. These employees were very likely reimbursed by the employers for the donation. The total amount given to Renacci and Mandel by the Suarez Corporation Industries’ executives and their spouses was $200,000. The total given to Barack Obama by Microsoft and Google employees was over $5,400,000. Yet they were never investigated by Obama’s Justice Department. Many other employees of large companies and law firms donated huge sums of money to Obama and other Democrat politicians. They have never been investigated.

During the trial, Rendon constantly lied to the jury.

Suarez wanted to testify at his trial. But, his attorneys strongly advised him not to because the trial was already too long. They said Rendon would take another week to cross examine Suarez. Two jurors had already left due to financial hardship. Since no more standby jurors were left, there would be a mistrial. Also, his lawyers said it would infuriate the jury. As a result, Suarez reluctantly agreed.

Suarez and the company were acquitted on all 19 serious charges for election law violations. This is more evidence that these charges were false. Suarez was convicted on one minor process charge due to gross negligence by his attorneys and Dettelbach and Rendon threatening witnesses.

The Jury foreman Andy Ramos told Suarez’s attorneys that they had no choice but to find Suarez guilty on the minor process charge since they were presented no evidence to rebut the charge. Both the jury and the judge were informed that if Suarez went to prison, thousands of people would lose their jobs. Ramos told Suarez’s attorneys that he thought Suarez would only get probation. Ramos said that he pleaded with the judge to only give Suarez probation so that thousands of people would not lose their jobs.

Suarez should have received probation. But Dettelbach trumped up the Sentencing Guidelines Score, which should have been between levels 5 to 8 (a probation sentence), to level 15. The judge allowed this outrageous score for a 74-year-old person with no previous criminal offences on a minor charge. Even with a level 15 score, Judge Gaughan had wide latitude to sentence Suarez to probation. Instead, she gave her personal friend, Carole Rendon, a favor to salvage her career because she was damaged and furious that she lost the 19 major counts. She sentenced Suarez to 15 months in prison and killed thousands of jobs. Gaughan did this as a favor for her personal friend Carole Rendon so she could save face because she lost the 19 major counts.

Rendon also made many outrageous objections to the Presentence Investigation Score, even though it was already inflated. These objections clearly showed malice and bad faith any good judge could see. Rendon wanted Suarez to get 10 years for a minor violation. It was a ‘smoking gun’ proof of bad faith. But the judge did not do the right thing by adjusting the score to an 8 and properly give a sentence of probation. The judge left the score at the inflated level 15 and sentenced a 74-year-old; who had never committed a crime in his life, to 15 months in prison.

Gaughan is well known in the Cleveland legal community as incompetent, cruel, giving excessive sentences and not allowing time off for good behavior. Her nickname is “Gone, Gone, Gone.” She enjoys human suffering. Suarez’s lead attorney, Mark Schamel, from the prestigious Womble law firm in Washington, D.C. had a career of over 30 years as a top criminal defense attorney on high profile cases nationwide. Schamel told Suarez that Gaughan was the most incompetent judge he ever encountered in his entire career.

Suarez filed a motion in the summer of 2015 to overturn the conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel. Suarez was convicted because he sent a memo to Accounting Manager Barb Housos warning her about her attorney and what her attorney was telling her. Housos was one of the 15 executive donors. The company hired a separate attorney for these donors, Don Scherzer. It was learned that Scherzer was telling the donors to admit to a crime they did not commit in order to sabotage the case so it would go to trial and he would make much more money. He told them not to worry about admitting to a crime because they had immunity. In a meeting which included Suarez, his company’s in-house attorney Mike Puterbaugh and four outside attorneys, Suarez was informed of the Scherzer problem. One of the outside attorneys, Don Santarelli, told Suarez that Scherzer was committing many unethical acts and was giving his clients false information. Santarelli said that the donors only had partial immunity and could still be prosecuted for admitting to a crime they did not commit. All of the other donors had already testified before the grand jury except Barb Housos. The decision was made by the outside attorneys to fire Scherzer as Housos’ attorney and get her a new lawyer.

Suarez was personal friends with Housos. He sent her a memo telling her not to admit to any crime because she did not have immunity as he was informed by Attorney Santarelli. He also told her not to let her attorney talk her into admitting to a crime and not to talk to him period. This was because she was going to get a new attorney. However, none of this evidence was presented to the jury. Therefore the jury wrongly assumed that Suarez was guilty of witness tampering.

During the trial, Santarelli was never called as a witness as Suarez demanded. Suarez’s attorneys said he was reluctant to testify. But, Suarez talked to Santarelli after the trial. Santarelli told Suarez that no one from Suarez’s legal team ever talked to him. And Puterbaugh, who did testify, lied that he could not remember the incident. It has since been learned that Santarelli and Puterbaugh and other witnesses were intimidated and threatened by Rendon and Dettelbach.

In the summer of 2015, Puterbaugh was asked about the incident by Suarez’s attorneys Jim Feldman and Craig Conley, who were handling the Motion for Ineffective Counsel. Puterbaugh said he definitely remembered the meeting where Santarelli told Suarez that the donors did not have immunity; that Scherzer was a bad attorney and Barb Houses would be getting a new attorney. He told Feldman he would sign an affidavit to that effect. Then, a few weeks later, he refused. He was obviously threatened and intimidated by Dettelbach and Rendon.

Feldman carried through with the motion and included with his brief an affidavit that Puterbaugh told him of the incident. However, the judge refused to grant an evidentiary hearing where Puterbaugh could be questioned under oath.

Most prosecutors and judges are good. But there is now an epidemic of rogue federal prosecutors that are putting tens of thousands of innocent people in prison to advance their careers. The Suarez case is only one example. The epidemic has been documented in a recent book, “Licensed to Lie,” by Sidney Powell. Because of this epidemic, it is estimated over 30% of people in prison are innocent. The U.S. now has the biggest prison population per capita in the world.

There is also a great excess of unnecessary criminal laws in the U.S., most of which are unknown to the average citizen. As mentioned, the book “Three Felonies A Day,” by Harvey Silverglate proves all people in the U.S. unknowingly commit crimes on a regular basis and can be easy victims of these rogue prosecutors. We need prosecutors who are “reluctant sheriffs” not “eager beavers.”

The Obama administration’s tactics are the same as the tactics that have been used against political opponents by such tyrants as the Castro brothers of Cuba and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. The Obama administration engaged in high organized crime. His tactics and policies have caused the loss of millions of jobs around the country and the bankruptcies of thousands of companies. Suarez and his company was only one of thousands of victims.

Recently, more evidence of Obama administration corruption has been exposed. This includes illegally spying on U.S. citizens for political gain. This, plus using Federal agencies to punish political opponents has created a pool of tens of thousands of victims. The Justice Association, LLC will organize these victims to file a massive class action RICO lawsuit.

These High Crimes and RICO violations by the Obama administration must not go unpunished. This would create a slippery slope that would cause our country to go from a free democracy to a tyranny. These people think they are above the law. They think they and people like Hillary Clinton, are too big to be prosecuted. They think large companies such as Microsoft and Google are also too big to be prosecuted and are above the law. It is important that these people are brought to justice now.

Congress needs to pass laws that hold bad prosecutors and judges accountable. There needs to be grand jury reform to protect citizens from corrupt prosecutors. There also needs to be a purge of rogue federal prosecutors and rogue federal judges involved in the misconduct of putting innocent people in prison to advance their careers. Likewise there needs to be a purge of excessive and unnecessary criminal laws. This will be presented to Congress by The Justice Association, LLC. It will push for the Citizens Injustice Protection Act (CIPA).

The Justice Association, LLC coalition will also submit documentation of Judge Gaughan’s conduct to the Ohio Bar Association and the US Senate Judiciary Committee, and motion for her impeachment to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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The Justice Association Awaits Reply from Senator Sherrod Brown and the Former US Attorney Steve Dettlebach Regarding Public Debate

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